Cliff Jumping in Santorini, Greece

Call it a midlife crisis, although I hope 32 years old isn’t midlife, but in the last few years the daredevil in me has erupted. Skydiving, bungee jumping, cage diving with Great White sharks, paragliding off a mountain, and now I can cross cliff jumping off my list!

Years ago when the movie “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2” came out, there was a scene where they went cliff jumping in Santorini.  Well, almost a decade after seeing the movie, I finally made it there.  Here’s how to get there:

Amoudi Bay is located on the north side of Santorini near Oia (Google direction to Amoudi Bay will take you there).  Parking can be a little challenging as cars line the steep dead end road.  Walk down the stairs towards the restaurants.  You’ll have to walk through the patio areas until you make it to the path.It is a dirt path and at points you will have to climb over boulder rocks. Keep going, there is only one way so you won’t get lost.  You’ll hit the dead end where you can leave your towel and other items.  Make sure you don’t bring anything of value since you will need to leave your things to swim to the jump. Even if you don’t want to jump, bring a snorkel. There are little fish and beautiful rocks underwater.

There isn’t any great way to ease into the water. You’ll just have to jump in and make the short swim to the cliff.  On one side you can climb the rocks up to the top (it wasn’t hard), or there are stairs on the other side (covered in pebbles).

A bit of advice… don’t go to the ledge and look over! I did and it took me an extra 10 minutes to get the courage to jump! Get a running start to ensure you jump away from the wall.  Now, for the TMI advice… I have never experienced a wedgie of such force! I guess when I hit the water, I went in the sitting position (ass first). The next day I woke up with 2 hand size bruises on both buttcheeks! Totally worth the adrenaline rush, but I can’t say I’ll be adding it to my list of things I love to do… I mean, if I had a list.  Nevertheless, I can say I did it and got some cool pictures out of it.  Yes, I had to hold my nose!

Click the link to watch my Cliff Jumping in Santorini video —> Santorini Cliff Jumping Video



    Great job taking the plunge. Many people would not be brave enough.
    Life is dull without taking risks, you are doing it right, keep it up.

    I look forward to reading more of your adventures!


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