Rome, Italy in a Nutshell

The Colosseum– Is listed as one of today’s 7 Wonders of the World, which represent global heritage. There are tour guides offering “Skip the line” tours that also takes you over to the Roman Forum. It is a great source of information.

Arch of Constantine– located next to the Colosseum.

The Roman Forum

Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II– built to remember the first king of italy and first world war soldiers.  This impressive marble monument started construction in 1885 and finished in 1925. 

Pantheon– former Roman temple

Giolitti Gelato– best gelato I tried in Rome (based purely on my own opinion lol). It is located near the Pantheon.

Trevi Fountain– make a wish and throw a coin over your right shoulder.

Spanish Steps (view from top)

The Vatican– Find a “Skip the line” walking tour. It is worth it to get you in and bypass standing in line for hours.

Vatican Museum

Sistine Chapel– pictures are forbidden

St. Peter’s Basilica– check the Vatican website to see of the Pope is going to be present (typically occurs on Wednesdays).

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