Fall In Love With Santorini, Greece

You will fall in LOVE Santorini! While there are many different islands to choose from, here’s why Santorini should make it on your list:

1.  The Beaches: Near the South of the island are the Red, White, and Black Sand beaches.  Each gets their color from the surrounding nature, from the volcanic rock to the iron deposits.  Be sure to bring your snorkel to see the little fish and interesting rock formation underwater.

2.  Oia: Here you will find the white washed buildings and blue domes that are featured in movies. I highly suggest making a reservation at one of the many restaurants in this area to watch the beautiful sunset. You can also show up EARLY to get a spot at the Castle of Santorini. 

3. The Food: Also located in Oia is the BEST Gyro from Pito Gyro (based on my opinion lol). This little hole in the wall shop shaves meat right off the slow cooking slab.  The chicken gyro was so delicious! I still have dreams about this place.

4. Catamaran: Take a catamaran cruise to the hot springs, Red Beach, and White Beach for snorkeling.  Finish with an on board boat BBQ of Traditional Greek food. Find a trip on viator.com

5.  Cliff Jumping: Amoudi Bay was featured at the end of the movie “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.”  It is a hidden swimming spot with a made cliff for those dare devils.  Click Cliff Jumping in Santorini for directions.

6. Fira: Where the night life happens.  We didn’t go out too much in Fira, but stayed there since it is between Oia (north), the beaches (south), and close to vineyards.  

7. Vineyard Hop: But don’t drive drunk! Santorini is known for their wine.  It is easy to hop around since the vineyards are close together. You’ll notice the vines are frowning close to the ground.  This is to keep the moisture in as the island is very dry.  Grab a glass, sit back, and relax with a view. My favorite was Estate Argyros.

8. Brewery: More of a beer drinker? Santorini Brewing company is next door. You can even watch the donkey beer getting bottled!

9. Antient Thira: You can hike the 2hrs uphill winding road all the way to the top or you can rent a car, like I did, and blast the air conditioning on your way up.  At the top you will get a 360 degree view of the island’s surrounding water and mountains. 

10. Transportation Advice: While there is public transportion, it doesn’t come around often enough and you will spend your time waiting to get to your destination.  ATVs and Scooters are available for rental, however, our tour guide informed us there are around 15 accidents a day on these.  I highly suggest renting a car. It was only 25€ more a day than an ATV, had air conditioning, and we never had trouble finding parking.  Certain times of the year, certain roads become One Way.  If someone starts honking… You are going in the wrong direction.  Don’t worry… It happens… a lot! 


    1. I would suggest mid to late September. That is off season, still beautiful out, and most rentals are cheaper because It’s not tourist season.


  1. Wow, your pictures really make Santorini seem like the perfect destination!!! I’m really hoping I can make it over there one of these days!


  2. Hey Leah,

    Just wow. Love these photos. Does anyone ever take a bad photo in Santorini??? Really want to visit here! Thanks for sharing.


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