Christmas in Krabi, Thailand

We headed to Krabi after Siem Reap, Cambodia and found it cheaper to catch a connecting flight in Bangkok.  What we didn’t figure in was the immigration line in Bangkok and we missed our flight.  No problem! We didn’t let that get us down. We just had to pay a small fee and we were on our way to spend Christmas in Krabi, Thailand.

When we arrived at the airport there were taxis and vans. The taxi driver was going to charge us 500 baht, so we asked the van and they charged 400 Baht.

We checked into out hotel, located by Ao Nang Beach, and had a great laugh since it was set up like a honeymoon suite… with an extra bed on the side. Across the street from the resort was a small hut that sold excursions for a much lower price than the resort.  I believe we paid 800 baht each for a half day.  They are located all along with beachfront as well.  Our first excursions was to go kayaking on the Bothor river.Kayaking on the Bothor River on Christmas 2016. There were two people per kayak. First, we kayaked to a cave called Thanboke Koranee National Park where we got out of the kayaks and walked around so see some of the ancient drawings left there for 2-3,000 years old.  We got back into the kayaks and kayaked through another cave, which was surreal. Once we finished, we were given a lunch of chicken fried rice and fruit.

Since we did the half day of kayaking, we walked down to Ao Nang Beach and found a shady spot to sit.  Later we got cleaned up and had dinner on one of the restaurants on the beachfront.

Next day we took a boat cruise to the Phi Phi Islands.  The islands were crowded and we only docked for 30-40 minutes each stop, but it was the cheapest way to get to see a lot.  We were only on Krabi for 3 whole days.

Bamboo Island

Viking Cave

Maya Bay

Monkey Bay

Phi Phi Don — We docked here for lunch provided with the tour 

Snorkeling– My favorite stop was snorkeling.  Make sure you don’t step on the coral since it is sharp and a couple people got cut.

Lae Lay Grill — Delicious food, great ambiance, and cheap for the amount of food we ordered! You will have to walk up quite a few stairs to get there, but the view is worth it! The resort we stayed at was down the street and they sent a van to pick us up.  You can attempt to walk there, but keep in mind it is located at the top of a big hill.

Our last day in Krabi, we went into town. This was a coffee shop we came across and it had delicious coconut muffins.

Wat Kaew Korawaram


Next to the wat was an entire street filled with wall art done by locals. See video below:


  1. Thailand is always a great place to visit in holiday. Celebrating christmas is also a great pleasure in thailand. This christmas I will be at Thailand and enjoying.

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  2. This looks like a beautiful and fun way to spend Christmas! I am hoping to make it to Thailand for new years this year (hopefully!) and this has good info about it for that time of year. Love how blue the water is too! Your pics are great.

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