Dog Friendly, Beginner Hikes in Washington State

Washington State is one of my favorite places I have traveled to in the US. Not only for the city life, but the endless nature that all around it. I’ll be the first to admit, I would not consider myself in great shape. I often find grandma’s passing me on trails or parents hiking with their kids strapped to their backs all while I’m taking my 10th break in less than a mile. However, the summit is always worth it!Always remember to bring lots of water and something to snack on when you reach the top. Since I travel with my Dog, Dakota, I try to find dog friendly trails that we can both enjoy. Some trails require parking passes that can be paid for as a one day pass in the parking lot or you can purchase a year long pass online or at any REI. Here are some of my favorite dog friendly hikes:

Rattlesnake Ridge

4.0 miles Round TripGain: 1160ftNorth BendParking Pass: None

Franklin Falls

2.0 miles Round TripGain: 400ftSnoqualmie PassParking Pass: Discovery Pass

Bridal Veil Falls

4.0 miles Round TripGain: 1000ftCentral CascadesParking Pass: Northwest Forest Pass

Dirty Harry’s Balcony

4.4 miles Round TripGain: 1300ftSnoqualmie PassParking Pass: Discovery Pass

Lake 22

5.4 miles Round TripGain: 1350ftNorth CascadesParking Pass: Northwest Forest Pass

Heather Lake

4.6 miles Round TripGain: 1034ftNorth CascadesParking Pass: Northwest Forest Pass

Heybrook Lookout

2.6 miles Round TripGain: 850ftCentral CascadesParking Pass: None

Snow Lake7.2 miles Round TripGain: 1800ftSnoqualmie PassParking Pass: Northwest Forest Park

Little Si

4.7 miles Round TripGain: 1300ftNorth BendParking Pass: Discovery Pass

Oyster Dome

5.0 miles Round TripGain: 1050 ftPuget Sound and IslandsParking Pass: Discovery Pass

Crystal Mountain SummitHike the trail to the top or take a $31 round trip gondola ride. At the top you will find a dog friendly restaurant along with other trails that are all dog friendly. A beautiful view of Mt. Rainier can be seen… Well, as long as there aren’t any clouds.

Wallace Falls

5.6 miles Round TripGain: 1300ftCentral CascadesParking Pass: Discovery Pass

Annette Lake

7.5 miles Round TripGain: 1800ftSnoqualmie PassParking Pass: Northwest Forest Pass

Big Four Ice Caves

2.2 miles Round TripGain: 220 ftNorth CascadesParking Pass: Northwest Forest PassDiablo Lake Vista PointWhile there is a trail you can take to hike, the real view is a couple miles past the turn to the trail. If you continue driving up the hill you will end up at a turn off on the left hand side with this incredible view of Diablo Lake.

I’ll be adding to this blog piece as I continue to find more enjoyable dog friendly hikes in the Pacific Northwest!

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