Washington State Tulip Festival

Back in April I drove out to Mt. Vernon, Washington to see the annual @skagitvalleytulipfestival. A couple years ago I waited until the last minute and they had cut the tops off of all the tulips the day before I went… so all I saw were fields of stems lol.

This year I didn’t make the same mistake. It had been raining A LOT! I mean, it’s Washington, what do you expect? So I made sure to wear my rain boots and laughed internally at the people sliding around in the mud with their tennis shoes and sandals.

There is free parking at the Roozengaarde site and admission is $7/person (kids 5 and under are free). There are two separate lines, one for cash (which goes significantly faster) and one for credit cards

I highly suggest the trip! It’s only a little over an hour outside of Seattle. The viewing goes until the end of April. Dogs and drones are not allowed

For more information you can visit the Roozengarrde Website

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