Kickback and Relax on the Greek Island, Mykonos

Mykonos= My Happy Place.

The fast ferry takes about 2 hours from Athens to Mykonos.  While there isn’t a ton to site seeing on this island, it is mostly known for their relaxing beach cabanas during the day and restaurants/bars to party at when the sun goes down.  I’ve past the late night bar scene, but you could definitely find me sipping a smoothie on the beach, taking a dip in the clear ocean water, and stuffing my face with all the olives I could fit in my mouth.

Tip #1– Rent an ATV over a scooter.  The island is small enough that getting around on an ATV is perfect.  However, you should make sure the ATV has enough power to get you up the steep hills. A few times we had to turn around after our ATV stopped mid hill and began to roll back. Off season (starting September) ATV rentals are around 25€/day.  The roads have a lot of travel, so I suggest having 4 tires rather than 2.  Don’t forget your drivers license in order to rent your own ATV or your life will be in the driver’s hands.

Tip #2– All the beaches have cabanas on them that are owned by the restaurants or hotels behind them.  You really can’t go wrong with wherever you end up.  Rent a 2 seater cabana with umbrella for around 15-20€/day, sit back a enjoy beach drink and food service all day long!

Tip #3– Head to “little venice” for shopping, food, and night life.  You can’t ride your ATV into this area or could face a fine, not to mention it gets pretty crowded and the alley ways are narrow.  Go early for your pictures while all the people who partied the night before are sleeping off their hangovers.

Tip #4– While there are a numerous restaurants, the one I tried and liked the most was called “Interni.”  The food was delicious, I loved the ambiance, the servers were GEORGOEUS, but most of all the drinks were outstanding!  I typically don’t drink alcohol, mainly because I don’t like the taste.  However, the drinks here weren’t too strong, enough for a nice buzz, and they were delicious.

Tip #5– The Windmills are a staple of Mykonos.  They were built in the 16th century by the Venetian mainly used for wheat.  They have been inactive since the 20th century.  Visit some of the shops next to these to bring back olives, olive oil, paintings, and other products.

Tip #6– Finally, joy ride around the island.  Enjoy the sites of the island and the beautiful blue water and white washed buildings.

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