Eating Our Way Through NYC

I recently took a trip to NYC with my brother.  While we are both very different, there was at least one thing we had in common… WE LOVE TO EAT! With so many options to choose from, here were some of our favorite NYC foods!
1.  Chuck and Blade knows their cheese! As if a giant deep fried ball of mac and cheese wasn’t enough, they covered it with more cheese! Definitely a delicious option to start our trip off right!

2. Be sure to head back to the same area to try Buns Bar, located next to Chuck and Blade. Bring your appetite to try these unique burgers and ordering a milkshake at the end is a must! The mugs are covered with a buttermilk cream, decorated, and topped with a full piece of cake!

3. The Fat Monk (be sure to make a reservation).  Upstairs is an outside patio and bar, but once you step downstairs the ambiance changes. The lights dim and it almost seems like we were in an underground cave. The burger was perfectly cooked and the French onion soup was on point.  I also have to mention that I accidently left my credit card at this establishment and didn’t realize it until I arrived home in Minnesota.  One of the managers was nice enough to mail it back to me! Talk about great customer service!

4. Want to take an adventure? Bring cash and an empty stomach!  The Smorgasburg Food Festival has multiple food venues and is one of the most visited festivals in the US. Opened seasonally on the weekends, be sure you check Google to find the correct location (there are two). 

5.  Just a 10 minute walk from the Williamsburg Smorgasburg location is a cool ice cream shop with a new modern twist.  -321 Ice Cream Shop uses nitrogen to make their ice cream! Watch it being made!

6. When my brother was little, his favorite food was chicken nuggets.  Naturally we had to try The Nugget Spot.  Each nugget was perfectly breaded and there were multiple flavors to choose from! Yum!By this time, I had gained at least 5lbs in 3 days and had to revert to my stretchy pants.

7. Dough Donuts is all about donuts, from making them to their decorations (tables, walls, chairs, pillows). It’s like being hugged by a giant donut! The donuts also taste delicious, so don’t miss out!

Where are some of your favorite to eat in NYC?


  1. Last month I visited NYC. I never forget this trip for mainly the tasty foods of there. I ate many types of tasty foods and fall in love with this place. I want to go again this place for its foods. By the way well writing and nice pictures.


  2. I love NYC and one of the main reasons is because of the incredible food! Caracas Areias Bar in East Village is an awesome place to stop for an afternoon snack! And Magnolias Cupcakes are always on my list when I make it to the city!

    Great post! 💗


  3. I wish I read this post before I went to New York this year. I had great food but this food sounds incredible too. The post has made me very hungry. That burger looks amazing and also the deep fried mac and cheese. YUM.

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  4. People always look at me like I’m crazy when I say the thing I miss most about New York is the food. But *this* is obviously why! Donuts and mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. I even miss Chipotle! If you get back, Vanessa’s Dumplings is one of my favorite places for Chinese dumplings. Super cheap too!

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  5. OMG you had me sold with giant deep fried mac & cheese ball with MORE cheese!! Chuck & Blade sounds fantastic!! I could spend a week going there hahaha

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