Can You Find My Heart?

The time has come and I’m finally heading off on my next vacation to Spain, France, and Argentina during the month of May.  This trip will be different than all the others.  More meaningful….It’s been 6 years since I lost my father to suicide. Every trip I have taken is bittersweet because all I want is to share my travels with him.  I’ve been given the opportunity to spread these crochet hearts sent to me by the Peyton Heart Project.  Their message is spreading awareness of suicide prevention, anti-bullying, and opening up a dialog on mental health issues.  Over this next month I will be placing these hearts in public places all around the countries I’m visiting.  To see where I put some of them, follow me on or more in depth information or to find out how you can participate, visit my blog post, “Spreading Kindness Around the World with The Peyton Heart Project.”  

Spain: Barcelona, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Santalana Del Mar

France: Paris

Argentina: Buenos Aires


      1. I just made 15 πŸ™‚ (plus 3 that turned out ugly ^^) I read your post about this project some weeks ago and planned doing some ever since.. well.. you know how it is. But tonight as I saw your recent post on facebook, I thought it’s tonight or never … it took my quite some moments to get back into it, it’s 2 years or so I did not do any crochet.. but iI got back to it quite easily. I will print out tomorrow!

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