Freelance Article #2 How Nursing Pushed Me To Depression And How Travel Pulled Me Out 

Being a nurse has been a great career. It has offered me many opportunities to travel the US and the world.  But it wasn’t as glorious a career as I had imagined.  Click the link below to find out how traveling saved me from myself.

Leah has been a traveling operating room nurse for 5 years.  She enjoys exploring her assignment destination and even takes trips internationally in between contracts.  Her dog, Dakota, joins her on the road and is happy to hike a mountain, swim in the ocean, or just stick her head out the window for the ride.  

You can keep up with her adventures on her blog,, or follow her on facebook and instagram.


  1. I’ve never been a travel nurse, but I have definitely known the experience of living for that trip. When I first started in the ICU I struggled badly. But once I started traveling regularly it really put a perspective on things and reminded me that there were so many things in life beyond that hospital. Thanks for sharing something so personal.

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