Cities: Casablanca, Meknes, Volubilis, Rabat, Fes, Merrakesh

October 2016

No visa needed

Sunny, Rained 1 day (first rain of the year), 70-85F, breezy

Currency: Dirham

This trip was purchased through Groupon.  It included round trip flight from New York, airport transportation, stays in 4 star hotels, multi lingual tour guide, tour bus to all cities, breakfast and dinner, entrance to all museums.

We first arrived to Casablanca at 10am. After showering we found something to eat and walked the outskirts of the market.  At all of the stops you were to haggle prices and most of the shop people knew some English.  While my friends wanted to take a nap, I could only sleep for about an hour and decided to check out more of the market.  I didn’t realize how far in the market went and easily got lost.  It was getting dark and I was still lost.  Every way I would turn there was another ally.  I finally stopped and luckily had the name of the hotel on the key card.  A nice teenager showed me out of the market and I gave him a big hug forgetting that women and men don’t typically touch unless they are married. Lesson learned… don’t go out alone. After dinner we went out to see some of the night life.  They had carts of freshly made sugarcane juice, prickly pears, and snail soup.  I tried all of them and regretted the snail soup.  The next day we got on the tour bus and headed to the Hassan ll Mosque that we could also see from our hotel room.  We were not able to go inside. I was wearing an outfit that I purchased from the market.  However, I was later informed the one I got was usually worn to weddings.  I was overdressed.

Next we headed to Rabat, Morocco where the current king was in town.  We weren’t allowed in the palace and it was heavily guarded. We had to stand across the street.  We were taken through some of the city and saw what was known as the “unfinished mosque.”  There was also the largest Muslim graveyard where all the graves pointed towards Mecca.

Meknes and Volubilis, Morocco were filled with beautiful architecture and history.  We went to a former palace that had different escape routes should the king be attacked.  At some point in history the Romans tried to take over some of Morocco.  They were pushed out, but some of the ruins were still left behind. Everywhere you go locals will offer to take your picture for you with your camera.  Afterwards they will expect you to give them money.  I loved my pashmina scarf I also picked up from the market in Casablanca.

In Fes, Morocco we had a tour guide that knew the market well.  I would not suggest going into the market without a guide.  It is even bigger than the one I was lost in and there are many pickpocketers. Make sure you secure your belongings.  In the market the donkies had the right of way.  Morocco is known for many things: olives, dates, leather, spices, rugs, fabric, pottery.  We were taken to some shops known to sell high quality fabric, leather, and pottery.  Also located in Fes is the first Muslim college opened by Fatima, the daughter of the prophet Mohammed. 

Merrakesh, Morocco was my favorite city.  The market had ladies doing henna, snake charmers, monkey performers, more haggling, and we were taken to a spice shop. My friend was able to buy some dates and got it back into the US in her checked bag.  We went to another former palace and saw the incredible detailed architecture.  We went to a “fantasia” show where groups went around singing different cultural songs, Arabian horse performers, a belly dancer, and dinner was a traditional Tagen meal.  Our last day we rode camels through a desert area.  It was pretty hot and sunny, so I suggest sunscreen and some kind of head cover. 

The street food was delicious and cheap! Eight full sized donuts freshly cooked in front of us was a total 2 Dirham or $1.20 USD.

Overall it was a great trip filled with culture, history, and food! I was pleasantly surprised by my first Groupon trip and I can’t wait to take my next one! If you haven’t given Groupon a look or hesitating to snatch one of their amazing adventures, I would suggest trying it out for your next vacation in order to save a bundle of money.

Other favorite photos:



  1. Lovely photos! It’s awesome to hear that you had a good experience with a Groupon holiday. I’ve been a bit weary, but should maybe take a look again. Dying to go to Morocco!

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  2. April 6, 2012 Oh that recipe looks so great! And Zumba is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. It’s such a great workout and I totally pretend I look like some hot J.Lo-like dancer while in reality I look like a sweaty disaster hahaha. Enjoy your weekend – glad there is a light at the end of the “hotel li28ng&#iv21; tunnel!Yellow Haired Girl recently posted..


  3. An intsneetirg discussion is value comment. I feel that you should write extra on this topic, it may not be a taboo subject however usually persons are not enough to talk on such topics. To the next. Cheers


  4. Dunque, nel primo caso sono dei fari di qualche atvtttriaa che proiettano il fascio di luce sulle nuvole basse.Nel secondo caso è una nuvola 😀


  5. Great way to start a post with the visa details and the currency. You should list what your citizenship for clarity’s sake 😉 And wow, I had no idea groupon sold travel deals now? Judging by your full-on endorsement and all you got to see, I’m thinking that it’s definitely worth it and I would definitely use them on my next visit! I went to Morocco back in 2011 and it was my favorite country for a while before I went to Nepal but holy wow, your pictures are just taking me back!

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  6. Wow, what a colourful and architecturally beautiful place. I particularly enjoyed that big door. What a monster haha.

    I already have Groupon, but I don’t use it too much. Sometimes I use it for things like cheap yoga or some other little deals, but maybe it’s worth taking a look for some cheap flights or destinations in future.
    Great gallery of pics 🙂

    Baz | @WhatShouldBazDo

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  7. I have been to Morocco twice and loved it. It is soo beautiful! A lot of my friends have used Groupon too, but not always gotten the best deals. I’m not sure if I would buy a trip from Groupon. I feel like it is not a very secure platform, but what would you say? Your trip, though, looks awesome and you really got a good deal from it.


  8. Morocco is such an exotic place. It also has an aura of mystery and intrigue. Reading about your travels here was really very interesting. Your pictures bring alive in vivid detail the unique flavours of this enigmatic place.

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  9. Great post on Morocoo, was there in December and fell in love with the place. Just note at the top of the post you wrote no visa needed, maybe not for most visitors but some visitors will need them 😀 Loving the photos of the Souks, that brings back some memories 🙂


  10. You’ve really captured the beauty of Morocco in your photographs. Such colour and culture! I’ve been dreaming of visiting Morocco for many years and now I can’t wait!

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  11. Morocco has been on my list of places to visit. My husband and I are actually planning of visiting it together with Spain and Portugal. You have very inspiring photos of places to visit and food to try. 🙂

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  12. Morocco seems to be a land of clear skies, bright colors and beautiful pictures!! Craving to go and see it for myself. Loved the way you’ve documented everything. I find it really useful. Oh and btw… I was a nurse who took a vacation to travel too!!

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  13. I have always wanted to do one of those Groupon deals but have been too scared. Looks like your experience turned out great. You saw so much and the photos look lovely.

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    1. l’ère facebook décline déjà!les stats émis dans l’étude de l’article prouve que la majorité des jeunes sentent désormais que facebook commence à être &l3sro; relou&nbqp;»&#82a0;c&usquo;est comme un logiciel…plus les versions évolu plus le consommateur se détache des anciènnes versions. le consommateurs aiment le frai!le nouveau…moi en tout cas je déménage!sa sent le pourris…


  14. I’ve been wanting to go to Morocco so badly and this post made the wanderlust even worse!! Stunning photos! And your story of getting lost in the market sounds like something I would do haha

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  15. Now, this is a place where history and culture is brimming! Middle-Eastern architecture never fails to captivate us. Were you able to taste their tea? We heard from a few friends who visited there that their tea is fabulous!

    The displayed camel’s head looks pretty creepy though. LOL! 🙂

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  16. I’ve always wondered what Groupon getaways are like, so glad to hear you had a good time. I’d love to visit Morocco one day- what a beautiful place with all the colors, spices, and textiles. I’d stock up on pashmina scarves too!

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  17. I would love to ride a camel in the desert, lucky you! I have learned to not give my camera or phone to any local in a foreign country. Nine times out of ten they want to be paid. That’s a great tip to give people, as many people don’t think twice about handing their phone or camera over to someone to take their photo.

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  18. Morocco is seriously stunning! I am craving a glass of Moroccan Mint Tea just seeing your photos. I have never done a groupon vacation but have always wondered how they were! Thanks for putting it on my radar. 🙂

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    1. The Hassan ll Mosque was incredible, but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to go inside. I wish I could have seen the beauty on the inside. I’m sure our guide said something about it , but my friends and I were in such awe that we wandered off. What do you know about it? Thank you for the comment!


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